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Tekitha & Prana are O.N.E. The Duo


Our Origin Story


Observant. Noetic. Effervescent

Tekitha and Prana, the dynamic and captivating mother-daughter duo known as O.N.E the Duo, defy categorization. With the acronym O.N.E standing for "observant, noetic, effervescent," they embody a vibrant and perceptive essence that enthralls audiences. These three words encapsulate their philosophy and approach to life and songwriting, making them more than just a pair but two distinct individuals whose shared DNA and profound admiration and respect for each other fuel their passion for creating extraordinary music that resonates with the world.

Fully emerging on the scene in 2020, O.N.E the Duo swiftly carved out a niche in the country music scene. Tekitha, the seasoned soulful mom, and Prana Supreme, the insightful, poetic daughter of hip hop legend RZA, anchor this musical powerhouse. Their harmonious fusion of different musical worlds defies genre limitations. When asked to describe their musical style, Prana replied, “I think everyone can find something very familiar in it because it has influences from country, hip hop, soul, and R&B — all put together. It's definitely country music with a twist.” From Tekitha’s point of view, their music pushes the boundaries even further.

Though she can relate to the label “country fusion,” she concludes that their music transcends genre. “I think our music is truly a representation of how I was raised and the many cultures that I grew up in. I feel like our music is really a derivative of who we are - we're not one-dimensional beings.”

Prana’s exposure to music began from birth. Her earliest memories are filled with vibrant jam sessions hosted by her mother in their California home where artists converged to express themselves creatively through music, visual arts, and spoken word. Those formative experiences left a deep impression on Prana and helped to shape her artistic identity, as she was actively encouraged by her mother to immerse herself in the creative process and participate in the sessions as early as age two. Prana isn’t shy about saying, “My mom is my best friend. I respect her completely as the adult and as a parental figure in my life. And it [our relationship] allows me to be comfortable opening up to her about things.” 

Throughout high school, Prana's passion for performance flourished, evident in her involvement in theater, cheerleading, dance, and chamber. It shouldn’t have been a surprise when, in 2014, Prana approached her mom and asked, “What if we sang and wrote our own songs together professionally?”

This inquiry caught Tekitha off guard despite her own long-lived and successful career as an artist. From her early triumphs as a national gymnastic champion to her subsequent success as a highly successful featured singer for the mainstream hip-hop group, Wu-Tang Clan, and then as a solo artist, Tekitha's unwavering discipline continued to propel her forward. But becoming a mother transformed Tekitha's outlook on life, pushing her to reassess her priorities. With renewed focus, she channeled her discipline into nurturing her daughter’s talents that served to fortify their bond year after year.

Prana's maturity, beyond her years, is a testament to the wisdom imparted by Tekitha from her early childhood. The love and respect between them are palpable, permeating every conversation and interaction. They have developed a deep friendship that is rare between a mother and daughter. So it surprised Prana, when she asked her mom if she’d consider collaborating with her, Tekitha replied, without missing a beat, “No.”


New Adventures

Concerned that Prana, then a high school student in AP courses with a 3.8 GPA, would be distracted and her grades could suffer was a major part of her hesitation. As a mother, Tekitha also considered the impact of immersing her daughter into the “business” — a far cry from safely looking at the “business” from the outside. She also had to consider the effect it might have on their relationship if they added the layer of business partners to their otherwise healthy mother-daughter relationship. In spite of Tekitha’s initial hesitance, their transparent communication style prevailed as they waded through the pros and cons, sought guidance through contemplation, and entered into a boot camp-type trial period to test Prana’s commitment to the idea. They overcame each obstacle and O.N.E the Duo, ultimately, was born. So, in 2016, with a sense of adventure, anticipation, and high expectations, they relocated to Nashville. 


Nashville was their natural choice. Tekitha explained, “I just knew if there was any place that I could go to explore an environment where our sound was relatable and where they care about the integrity of the music — it was Nashville.” Prana added, “When mom and I would sing together and write music, it would be a cappella; it sounded very rootsy, very much like sitting on the front porch with a water jug.”  When they introduced acoustic instrumentation, their sound slowly began to emerge into an Americana folky vibe. As they continued to explore where the music was taking them, they organically stumbled into the country music landscape. The duo wasted no time converting words and melodies into fully realized songs. They collaborated with esteemed Nashville songwriters such as Brent Mayer, Joe Robinson, John Bettis, Marv Green, Shane Stevens, Nash Overstreet, Rebecca Lynn Howard and her husband, Elisha Hoffman, and expanded their musical horizons. Tekitha explained, “This city, the co-writing, and the collaborating that we have had, have just opened up a world for me that allowed me to tap into some of the deeper parts of my person and allowed me to have more connectedness with Prana in the writing process.” 

In the studio, their partnership continues to be 50/50. Each person gives the other space to creatively express their separate perspectives — penning their own verses and then collaborating on the bridges and choruses. Tekitha is insistent that Prana has the space to express herself and add her youthful perspective. Prana explained, “I think that's the fun part about our music — we are speaking from our experience; we're not faking some country experience.”


Next Women Of Country 2023

As a result, their music connects to a diverse audience reflecting their different generations, experiences, and deep relationship with various genres of music. Recognition came when they were named to CMT's Next Women of Country in 2023 and, when their video for "Feels Good" skyrocketed to 2.5 million views on YouTube, the world took notice, solidifying their undeniable talent and adding fuel to their soaring trajectory.

The Duo’s highly anticipated 12-track debut album, aptly titled Blood Harmony, is set to release on August 11, 2023. “Blood Harmony pretty much was the title before we even had the label situated. Nothing else felt right. And that's mainly because familial voices have a very unique blend. It's something that can't be manufactured — it's encoded in the DNA,” explains Tekitha.

The music serves as a bridge between their hip hop roots and their profound affinity for storytelling that lies at the heart of both country music and hip hop. Their music is infectious and fun, evoking a desire to dance and sing along, while simultaneously tugging at the listener's emotions. Their rich voices, intertwined in harmonious perfection, are a testament to their familial connection. But more importantly, their music is authentically them. They are, at their core, artists unbound by labels or expectations.  


Beyond their musical talent, O.N.E the Duo is purposeful about its role in shaping the future. They embrace the opportunity to challenge perceptions that country music can only be one way and would like to see inclusivity become an integral part of the format. They have already witnessed a shift in the industry where guardrails are lowered allowing room for artists with a diverse array of influences, much like them — respectful of the country music artists and legacy of the past and embracing the musical possibilities of the future —  to bring their fresh perspective on how country music is defined. As they continue to build bridges and foster new relationships, they are confident they will attract new listeners to the format based on their music philosophy. 

From their platform in country music, they also are committed to spreading their message of love. This sentiment is exemplified not only through their love for each other, but also through their love of making music, and their love for all people. Tekitha is also passionate about the overall well-being of children globally. She aspires to inspire healthy relationship building between parents and children and to raise and spread awareness about the importance of education, diet, and exercise for children. With each venture, each interaction, and each collaboration, love is and will always be their driving force behind their actions.  

The duo’s sound draws as much from Chris Stapleton, Fleetwood Mac, 80s country and Motown as it does their from own deep musical heritage... With this unique musical fusion, they’re injecting a fresh burst of energy into a country pop sound that all too often plays it safe.


Observant. Noetic. Effervescent

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